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Engine Problems and Your Options

What are the symptoms of engine problems?

Knocking or tapping noises;  excessive smoke from exhaust; using too much oil; low oil pressure; low compression.

What are the typical causes of  car engine malfunction?
High mileage leading to wear and tear; impropert maintence, ie, skipping on oil changes; overheating.

My engine needs to be replaced.  Now what are my options?
When you have significant engine problems, it is not the end of your vehicle.  You can make an informed decision based on your budget.   It is not necessary to dump your vehicle and buy a new
car; that is not always the optimal decision  If you car has been well maintained, rebuilding or replacing the engine, rather than replacing the vehicle, may be the best option.  

What is a Rebuilt Engine?
Skilled engine rebuilders remanufature engines with correct standards and components.  New parts are installed that meet or exceed specifications and are many times superior than the engines originally coming from the manufacturers.  All rebuilt engines by reputable builders are backed by warranties.
We have been offering quality rebuilt engines for over 30 years with customer satisfaction high.
Often the problems with engines are not always serious and minor engine repairs can fix some problems.  Call us or come by for an estimate.

What Maintenance Needs to be performed periodically to Keep my Vehicle Trouble Free?
Oil, Filters and Fluids
Belts and Hoses
Brake Service
Tune Up
Check Engine Lights
Air Conditioning
Follow manufacturer's recommendations or every 3,000 miles. Longer if synthetic oil is. 
Follow manufacturer's recommendations or when belts inspected look excessively worn.
An annual inspection of your brakes and pads will indicate if you need new parts.
Spark plugs need to be replaced when an inspection sees they are foul, or every 30,000 miles.
An inspection will diagnose the problem so your car will pass emission tests.
When your air conditioner does not blow cold, you may only need to recharge your fluid.

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